QS 01
Pillar Cock

QS 02
Single lever basin mixer w/o popup waste system

QS 03
Bib Cock with wall flange

QS 04
Bib cock 2-in-1 with wall flange

QS 05
Angular stop cock with wall flange

QS 06
Single lever concealed divertor for bath & shower

QS 07
Concealed stop cock with adj. wall flange 15mm

QS 09
Single lever wall mixer with tele shower arrangement only

QS 11
Single lever 1-hole bidet mixer with popup waste system

QS 13
Bath tub spout with flange

QS 14
Bath tub spout with button attachment for teleshower

QS 19
Single lever basin mixer with extendedd body

QS 20
Single lever concealed divertor for over head shower only

QS 21
Flush cock

QS 22
Pillar cock extended body

QS 24
Wall mixer with provision for over head shower

QS 26
Single lever concealed divertor for basin spout with single plate

QS 27
Central hole basin mixer without popup waste system